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Are you stressed out because of calls from bill collectors?

Are you afraid your business will go under?

Do you need legal help to collect money owed you?

Filing Chapter 7 or 13 – Asset Protection – Payment Plans

If you need legal help with your financial situation, contact Julius L. Williams in Orlando, Florida. Our Civil lawyers represent individual and corporate clients in bankruptcy matters involving:

>>> Chapter 7 bankruptcy debt relief

>>> Chapter 13 bankruptcy

We Offer Help for Clients Filing for Orlando Bankruptcy

If you are either an individual or a business with more bills than money, our Orlando bankruptcy attorneys can help you protect your assets and perhaps create a payment plan that works for you. We offer consultations to explore your options and to determine what your goals are for your financial future.

Our Collections Lawyers Can Help Get What is Owed You

On the other hand, if you are owed money by another party who has filed for bankruptcy, our attorneys can use our legal resources to collect the funds that are due you.
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